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Would you like to make spam disappear from your network?

The MX Logic® E-mail Defense Service can provide you with a comprehensive and cost-effective next-generation email defense solution. Its strength is in its proven ability to minimize the risks associated with email through a turnkey email defense solution that integrates more than the typical anti-spam offering. One of MX Logic's defining differences is in the way they protect the email network - not just how they filter spam. Filtering both inbound and outbound messages, the MX Logic perimeter-based email security service stops threats at the network perimeter between the Internet and the enterprise server -identifying, quarantining, blocking and stripping suspect email messages before they can reach the business email gateway and harm the internal network.

With the MX Logic® Email Defense Service, you will benefit from comprehensive and precise spam blocking, fraud protection, virus and worm scanning, sophisticated filtering that identifies and blocks unwanted and malicious content and attachments, disaster recovery options, and a unique email infrastructure protection that works by concealing your messaging network from directory harvest attacks, denial of service attacks, Trojan horses and other harmful email-borne threats. In addition to the way it protects the business network, the solution is different because it requires no set-up fees, no migration or integration and no additional hardware or software.

The below graph is from a spam filter program called Brightmail on a production Exchange server. We implemented MX Logic service at the end of July of 2007. The graph shows the results of implementing MX Logic E-mail Defense.

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